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Guide to Services 
We provide Specialist Advice to support the needs of Primary age pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties in Literacy or Numeracy.
Our Outreach Service supports our local schools through
  • School Focused Consultations
  • Pupil Focused Consultations
  • Training
  • Resources
School Focused Consultations
  • Advice to senior management about whole school approaches to identifying and meeting the needs of children with Specific Learning Difficulties in Literacy or Maths
  • Support to the school in becoming Dyslexia Friendly in its Literacy and Numeracy teaching
  • Focus is on extending and monitoring the impact of Literacy and Numeracy interventions particularly at Wave 3 including Fischer Family Trust Programmes 
  • An ongoing support plan, with stated review period, will be agreed between Base and the school. This will be directly linked to the school’s priorities for the coming year and informed by the SEF, School Improvement Plan, pupil tracking data and Ofsted reports. It will support the school’s provision mapping
  • School Focused Consultations to help the school extend its capacity to meet the needs of children with SpLD
  • General advice to help school plan appropriately for pupils who have not made expected progress on their current interventions
  • Staff training
  • Initial contact can be made by the school or by the Base Teacher
  •  It is expected that all schools will receive a minimum of one visit each year
Pupil Focused Consultations
Service for pupils who have been referred to the Base
  • Focus is on developing the school’s capacity to plan, implement and evaluate the impact of appropriate provision and personalised learning targets for pupils with specific Literacy and Maths difficulties
  • Base Teacher may observe the pupil in class, provide advice on further assessments, targets, strategies or resources
  • Base Teacher may work with Class Teacher, Teaching Assistant, SENCo, provide exemplar teaching and training, demonstrate appropriate equipment and materials
  • Base Teacher, together with school staff,  will monitor pupil’s progress and support the school to develop/change their intervention strategy so that it more readily matches the pupil’s needs and learning style  
  • Prior discussion with Base Teacher is necessary to discuss if referral is appropriate
  • The pupil will be on School Action, School Action Plus or have a Statement of SEN
  • There must be evidence of reviewed interventions which follow the Base Teacher’s advice and two consecutive reviewed IEPs or targeted Provision Maps
  • Schools must be able to demonstrate the pupil is experiencing Specific Learning Difficulties in Literacy or Maths despite systematic little and often teaching interventions
  • The Base team is responsible for prioritising referrals. Reasons for prioritisation will be shared with the referring school.
  • Training is planned by Base Staff on a range of curriculum related topics focused on Hertfordshire’s developing Dyslexia Friendly Schools Guidance and Wave 3 Literacy and Numeracy interventions, including Fisher Family Trust training and implementation
  • Base staff deliver most of the training, but outside speakers are also used
  • Termly newletters and flyers are emailed to all local schools to inform them of forthcoming events
  • Booking forms to apply for places on these courses should be emailed to
  • Up-to-date resources for supporting pupils with SpLD are on display in the Base
  • Schools may make arrangements with the Base staff to view or borrow resources
  • Resources are usually loaned for up to 2 weeks

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